Altered State: A Documentary Film About Responsible Cannabis Cultivation in California

Legal Marijuana Grower
Recreational cannabis use and cultivation became legal in California on January 1, 2018. Many growers are responsible citizens who are operating under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEAQ) which regulates the environmental impact of farming these particular plants, but there are many who remain in severe violation of both the law and responsible sustainability. Altered State presents the truth behind the challenge to make marijuana available, for recreational and medical use, accountably and answerably.
The entire cannabis industry is at stake. As squatters, drug organizations, and environmental terrorists continue poisoning the land, this struggle has become a ‘one-of-a-kind story of sadness and hope’. Lou Douros worked with the Butte County Sheriff’s Department in the preparation of this immersive video about the state of cannabis cultivation, both the good and the bad. He exposes the ‘environmental criminals’ out there who are thriving even under the new laws. These people will divert a salmon run into a pool, fill it with toxic rodenticides, and flood-irrigate their marijuana plants. Public lands are being pirated, and yes these people are armed.
Environmental Criminals
Lou Doros - Documentarian
Mr. Douros calls Altered State “among the most urgent films'” that he is doing. The film connects public officials, law enforcement, biologists, and wild animals with growers, both legitimate and illegitimate. Legalization of marijuana is a polarizing issue, but we need to come together, regardless of our acceptance of the new laws, to protect our shared environment by realizing the impact of cannabis growing on California’s ecosystems – California will never be the same again…

“Today’s Californians will forever be remembered as the cannabis generation that either saved our environment…or let it slip through their fingers.”

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