Hipsterverse: Really? Dylan Townsend and Michael Coleman do hipster-isms

Hipsterverse 01

If you are sensitive to political correctness, you might want to find a safe place. Hipsters may be normal people, but that is open for interpretation (replying to @1MichaelColeman:  what is #Hipsterverse?). Har! They must have done something right to get 12 followers. “You can’t use my café as a place to come watch your porn”.  Okay.  It’s a moment in time.  Fortunately for all of us, one of many moments.

Perhaps a fully contemporary Cheers with a fillip of Bob Newhart, Hipsterverse is irreverent, but never irrelevant. It’s not a ‘pop up’ – or is it?  ‘Are you trying to sexually harass me?’  ‘We’re not even open!’ This is a beautiful collection of sarcasm, and non sequiturs, or just plain silliness described by Townsend as ‘a comedic take on the constant array of millennial First World Problems’.

Hipsterverse 02
Hipsterverse 03

Just try to keep up with the ‘elaborate orders, concerns and sensitivities of his (Coleman’s) younger clientele’.  It’s barely possible, but does require some verbal agility and some suspension of the rules of grammar and diction – and ‘correctness’, perhaps because this stuff was originally written for Ireland and based on ‘a bunch of people we knew’.

“It’s only cool, until it’s cool…then it’s not cool” .

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