Nacho Extreme: Texas And More – Life with Henry “Nacho” Laun

Nacho Extreme - Fishing

Join PCEN Media for a wild and wonderful collection of Nacho Extreme misadventures and unforgettable moments.  See the big guy from Boston take on Texas, a swamp, a bunch of erstwhile friends, and lots and lots (and lots) of food.  “I like to be the common man” says Nacho who eats everything, but does not eat nachos.

The man sings (sort of) and is ready to take on just about anything, including, he says, Mark Wahlberg.  Or just ‘Let’s get naked!’. Cadillacs with steer horns? You bet. Hey ‘I hit a bull!’.  Lots of character, genuine heartfelt sentiments and… guns, if he can get them to fire. “Incredibly bad ideas can barely leave your lips before this person agrees to do them.” How can a show get any better than that!

Nacho Extreme - Cooking

Admittedly from the street of hard knocks, Nacho has also hung with big-time entertainment stars, eaten massive amounts of wasabi and grass divots (true), gotten into the boxing ring with people who may have known more about the sport than he does, and generally is unable to refuse any dog dare.

We welcome Nacho Extreme to the PCEN Media network of networks. This is real life – at least for Henry! Tune in and find out how this stuff happens… really.

Nacho Extreme - Single Shot

“The State of Texas will never be the same after this is done!” 

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